My MP3 Player Review – The T.Sonic 820

I recently decided to purchase and MP3 player and went with the Transcend T.Sonic 820. This little MP3 player had all the features I need and was fairly inexpensive. My MP3 player review may be a bit biased as this is the only MP3 player I have ever owned. A friend of mine recommended I look at a Samsung MP3 player review, but after reading it I still wanted to go with the T.Sonic.
T.Sonic MP3 Player Review – Features
There are two varieties of the T.Sonic 820, the 2 gigabyte and 4 gigabyte. I decided to purchase the 4 gigabyte because it was only a few dollars more and had twice the storage. I find that 4 gigs of storage is plenty for my needs, but I most definitely can not hold my entire MP3 collection on the player. It can hold about 40 hours worth of material which is more than enough for most normal circumstances. At work I am allowed to listen to music through headphones and I find having over 40 hours worth of music to be a good amount for my week’s worth of work. This was a must have and is a key point for this MP3 player review.
When I initially went to go purchase the unit player I was unable to find any MP3 player reviews on the product. I consequently had to purchase it pretty much blind so I was very worried. The most important part of any MP# player review in my mind is the features of the unit, and let me tell you for a small, 4gig, under $50 player this one had a ton. On top of being able to play MP3’s it also had a screen that you could display pictures and movies on. It was rather small so you can not display anything with too great a resolution, but not bad for small snapshots.
This MP3 player allowed you to store data files on it in addition to MP3’s and it has a file structure that is pretty much the same as any hard drive or flash drive. Transcend has been known for making high quality flash drives and components for many years and it is notable in this MP3 player review that the company has had a long standing tradition of high quality products.
The T.Sonic can also record through a line in or over just the simple on board microphone. I use the line in to actually record scratch guitar tracks and have found it to be indispensable when writing. You may not use this feature, but to me it was what sold me on this MP3 player.