Best MP3 Player Speakers: Choose From Creative, Bose And Altec Lansing, And More

For those who want to take their tunes with them on the road but who don’t like listening to their favorite songs through headphones and who rue the fact that the tiniest home speakers are not portable there is some good news. Modern technology has done wonders in coming up with the best in portable MP3 player speakers that provide better sound than what you may be used to after having used your Walkman for all these years.
Sony SRS-T77
When it comes to deciding on the best MP3 player speakers you need to take a close second look at the offering from Sony whose SRS-T77 is a strong contender? The first thing that you will notice about these MP3 player speakers is that they provide crystal clear sound and don’t require more than four batteries to provide you with good quality sound.
Another reason why you ought to consider the SRS-T99 as the best MP3 player speakers is that they weigh very little even when weighed down by four batteries. In case you choose to power these speakers up with electricity then the weight is even lower.
The sound from the SRS-T77 is pleasant and if rock music is your thing then this pair of speakers can certainly be considered the best MP3 player speakers. This model comes with Dynamic Sound Ducts that makes the bass sound really strong and for a pair of speakers with just 1.5” woofers the audio quality is truly exceptional.
Creative’s TravelSound is a close competitor for the honor of being dubbed best MP3 player speaker and the main attraction as far as this pair of speakers is concerned is their ultra-compact size and the sweet sounds they emit. It is also possible to tilt your Creative TravelSound speakers upward in order to point the sound in the direction of your ears. Its Wide Effect is another notable feature that might convince you that this pair of speakers is indeed worthy of being called the best MP3 player speakers.
Yet another contender for best MP3 player speakers is the one brought to you by Bose Corporation that is a company well known for its ability to produce excellent sound at lower frequencies and there is also virtually no distortion of sound.
Now-a-days, owning a portable MP3 player has become passé and this device has in fact become the standard as far as portable audio systems are concerned. if you are someone who judges the best MP3 player speakers according to the quality of bass sound output then you will have no trouble in identifying the Altec Lansing InMotion portable MP3 player speakers as being the best in the business.