Understanding iPhone Availability

iPhone availability is one of the main concerns when buying an iPhone. The iPhone is quite popular around the globe and that is why many people want to buy it. This is especially true when there is a new model of iPhone and people would camp outside of stores just before its release date. Furthermore, iPhones are usually restricted to one network carrier in a country, adding a more “limited” feel to it. Here are some information about iPhone availability.

One of the main factors that contribute to the iPhone availability is the manufacturers who make the units. Apple does not have their own factories that make their iPhone units. Instead, they employ a partner company that produces iPhone units for them. Foxconn, an electronics company based in China, is AppleÂ’s main partner in making iPhones and also iPods. At present, the companyÂ’s production rate of iPhone 4 is at 137,000 a day which is like 1.5 per second or 50 million in a year. Another partner of Apple in making iPhones is the Taiwan-based notebook manufacturer Pegatron Technology. The company is formerly a part of Asustek Computer Incorporated and it is currently tasked to make 12-15 million CDMA iPhone 4 units for 2011.

Another significant aspect that influences iPhone availability is the mobile network carriers. In most countries, the iPhone is sold with a SIM lock which restricts the iPhone to a particular network carrier. Additionally, the iPhone was formerly restricted to a specific type of network. Starting the release of the first iPhone up until 2010, the iPhone can only be used in GSM networks. However, before the end of 2010, Verizon, a CDMA network in the US, has revealed that they will be soon selling CDMA-compatible iPhones by 2011. Furthermore, Apple has revealed that the CDMA iPhone is a multi-year, non exclusive deal with Verizon. This is a positive news for iPhone availability worldwide since there is a high probability that it will now also become available to other CDMA networks too.

The Top 10 iPad Must Haves

Steve Jobs has created another touch screen breakthrough, the iPad. Although it was criticized that the only difference between the iPad and iPod touch is the size it still became a sought after product during its launch date, selling more than two million iPads in less than two months! Much faster than Apple predicted.

Most people bought the iPad because the many functional applications they can download and easily view on its high resolution 9.7 inch touch screen. Several categories of iPad apps that you can choose from are games, music, videos, media, sports info and utilities such GPS.

You can only imagine how much apps fall under each category, so much that it can be more stressful than fun in finding money worthy soft wares. Take this for instant, 3,000 apps were available within the week iPad was launched. There is 60,000apps available at this very moment. If you calculate it, that makes more than 100apps being uploaded a day! Let us help you by giving you the top iPad Apps of 2010.

The Top 10 Grossing iPad Apps:

Pages – is a word processor software that provides layouts for reports, brochures, professional newsletters and others.

Numbers – is the spreadsheet equivalent of Pages that provides layouts of charts, graphs, tables and photos.

Keynote – a presentation must have software. It contains a massive amount of animations and effects that you choose from to create unique slides. Editing documents such as Keynote ’09 or Microsoft PowerPoint is also possible.

LogMeIn Ignition – an ingenious app that can control other macs. This handy device cuts down time and effort in reopening your desktop to search for important files that you need to view in your iPad.

SCRABBLE for iPad –is the top incoming earning word game of all-time! You can play to about 25 games with friends online or through Facebook.

Documents To Go® Premium – is the one and only app that can support Microsoft Office files.

Angry Birds HD – an exciting game that you won’t be able to stop playing once you get started.

The goal is to help the Angry Birds win the war against their arch enemy, the Green Pigs.

It takes well thought out techniques and skills to win this brutal war of fun characters.

Real Racing HD – is a realistic car race app that will put you behind the wheel of tire burning high speed circuits.

Plants vs. Zombies HD – is one of the top iPad survival games filled with characters that will surely amuse you. The goal is to protect yourself from brain eating zombies to enter your home.

Your only line of defense is covering your lawn with an army of plants to square off with the zombies.

Proloquo2Go – is one of the few iPad apps to win the BETT award this year for outstanding educational technology. People who can not speak can use the Proloquo2Go to communicate with others by showing images, text-to-speech voices and words on their iPad Easy to see why this is part of top iPad App list.

Sync, Back-up And Store Data Using Your New iPhone

Storing data is an essential part of having and using savvy gadgets. Your new iPhone isn’t a personal computer, but storing data is essential for everyday use. Your contacts, messages in your inbox, music and image files are all important to you and they need to be kept safely from the wrong hands too.

Loss of data is one of the many frustrations of most gadget owners. And making back-up is often overlooked even if it is the simplest solution available. For a new iPhone, it is important that you have back-up for the data that you store in it. It is also advisable to back-up your iPhone data from time to time.

Your new iPhone can help you store lots of data which can provide you with hours of communication, entertainment and convenience. This gadget has so many features that can help you surf the internet, send emails, play songs, download videos and sync with iTunes and many others. And with regards to iTunes, it is an official tool for syncing iPhone so you can take the back-up file and restore them into your PC. Syncing your iPhone will create a copy of your files as well as your contacts. And back-up files are created every time you sync your iPhone. You can also create back-ups into another iPhone.

If you are planning to use iTunes in making back-ups for your new iPhone, here are a few easy steps:

Connect your old iPhone to your PC.

Open your iTunes and then sync.

Next is to disconnect your old iPhone.

Connect your new iPhone to your computer.

Choose your preferred back-up and select from the popup box if you want to restore from back-up or set-up new iPhons. You can click the back-up option and your old iPhone’s back-up will be restored in the new one’s back-up.

These are easy steps that you can follow but they need time to complete. Also, do take note that if your old iPhone’s back-ups are corrupted or unreadable, it’s likely that you will lose data. But if you want to create back-ups faster for your iPhone, you will find on the net some professional software that can accomplish this task in half the time.

The best iPad apps that are Free

Ipad the long awaited tablet by Apple. There are more iPhone and iPod touch apps that can be used in iPad then vise versa. These apps are particularly designed to work best on a wider screen.

The 300,000 iPads sold was an overnight sensation, along with 3,000 iPad apps suddenly available a week after. The numerous supply of apps is the reason for the continues demand for iPads.

A little un-known fact though for iPad lovers, is that the average cost of apps is more expensive then those of the iPod touch and about four times as much as iPhone apps! Users would have to spend about four to one hundred dollars to have the software they need. The top 10 rated iPad apps are all for sale. The top 10 gross earning iPad apps are:
1) Pages
2) Numbers
3) Keynote
4) LogMeIn Ignition
5) SCRABBLE for iPad
6) Documents To Go® Premium – Office Suite
7) Angry Birds HD
8) Real Racing HD
9) Plants vs. Zombies HD
10) Proloquo2Go

There are great iPad apps that you can download for free. Below is some of the best iPad apps you can get without spending a single cent!

Box.net: Did you ever have those days that you needed to get a file, but just didn’t want to deal with the hassle of opening your desktop? All you have to do is save your files in a Box.net account. This free app will allow you to access them on your iPad no matter where you are.

Dragon Dictation: The best iPad app ever! The Dragon Dictionary works by capturing your spoken words and converting them to a text file. This is an ideal app for you if you want to express your thoughts freely without the hassle of tapping at the same time.

Yahoo! Entertainment: Be up to date on latest movie premiers and show reviews with Yahoo!’s program guide. Try beating that for a TV guide.

White and Yellow Pages: Let’s be more caring to trees and get rid of those ugly thick books piling in your home, because now you can download the White and Yellow Pages all for free.

AP News: Is you instant solution of getting the new fast and free. With this app you can view the news with just a tap of your finger on your iPad.

SugarSync: This app is important to all “multitaskers”.

These are the best iPad apps that that you can download free of charge! Don’t miss out and download them now.

iPod Shuffle Headphones: Getting Over the Controversies

The iPod Shuffle helps you enjoy music and experience it to another level. To get the clarity of the sonorous sound of your iPod Shuffle, it is advisable to get a set of iPod Shuffle headphones. A good set of iPod Shuffle headphones allows you to enjoy music with the best possible sound reproduction. If you are interested in acquiring a decent set of iPod Shuffle headphone, then try to read the following guidelines.

Think things thoroughly if you need an iPod Shuffle headphones. There is a wide selection of headphones available in the market today. In fact by checking www.welovemacs.com, your options are limitless. The site is a treasure chest for different iPod Shuffle headphones set, accessories and useful gadgets.

With such a wide selection of headphones, you have to give it a lot of thought on what features and capabilities should be applicable to you. You can select headphones of the in-ear, full ear or noise-canceling kind.

Your budget is also a cause of concern when buying an iPod Shuffle headphone. The higher the sound quality of the iPod Shuffle headphones, the higher you have to pay so better be sure to decide what is your threshold on spending for a set. Limit your choices into 3 and then from there, you can decide which direction you would go.

Another way to help you select the appropriate iPod Shuffle headphones is by reading on consumer reviews and recommendations. There are a lot of articles that tackle the topic of iPod Shuffle headphones.

In fact, there have been major concerns before on the quality of iPod Shuffle headphones. A replacement program has been put in place by Apple to tackle the issue of the iPod Shuffle headphones, pardon the pun, head on. It includes non-responsive or intermittently working controls, unexpected volume changes and volume feedback. This issue has raised a lot of customer complaints for Apple. Apple has been trying its best to fix this problem by replacing them free of charge for two years from date of purchase. There are other brands available if you are still hesitant in buying iPod Shuffle headphones from Apple.

Since most of the headphones are compatible with the iPod Shuffle, better take your time in buying a new one. Time is not of essence here so you can relax and browse through.

Some Facts About the 3G iPhone

The second generation iPhone 3G was shipped in the US on June 8, 2009. Internally, not much has changed from the original model, which also uses the Samsung 32-bit RISC ARM11 620 MHz processor. The improvements were mostly of the basic “customer demands”, such as MMS feature and Bluetooth stereo support.

Suprisingly, its most distinctive feature is its price! The 3G iPhone became Steve Jobs’ “budget iPhone”.

Unlike the one and a half year interval it took for an upgraded version of the first iPhone model to be released, the much controversial 3rd generation 3G iPhone came out within the same month from its predecessor! With the new release, the $200 price of the 3G iPhone 8 gigabyte went down to $99.

Physically both iPhones look very similar. The 3.5-inch 3GS iPhone’s 320 x 480 mega pixel display contains a bit darker shade of tint and has a “lipophobic” oil repellant coating. It is also a little bit heavier by around 0.01 ounce from the 4.7 ounce weight of the 3G iPhone.

Unlike the iPhone 4, which can be identified like an electronic billboard, it would take a vulgar up close inspection of the two iPhone 3G models to precisely identify them. The model number of the 3Gs is A1301 while it is A1241 for the 3G. On the other hand, the A1325 is China-only counterparts that have disable Wi-Fi.

The real difference of the 3GS is the improved speed, thus the “S”. The processor was upgraded from 412 MHz to 600 MHz with a doubled memory capacity of 256 MB.

Here are a few of its other internal improvements:
Camera features – 3.0 megapixel (1 megapixel higher) with macro mode autofocus, VGA video recording at 30 FPS, and auto white balance. It also provides basic editing features for videos.
Graphics – OpenGL ES is now version 2.0 (from the previous 1.1)
Wireless – Higher wireless technology of 7.2Mbps HSDPA and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.
Digital Compass – comes with a Google Maps functionality.
VoiceOver – now lets you record voice at 30fps VGA with on-device editing capability as well as dialing voice control and music control. It also comes with Nike+iPod support which includes an inline remote on the headphone cable.
Battery Life – it has a battery life that lasts 6 hours more for music playback, 3 hours more for internet Wi-Fi, and 2 hours more for 2G network talk time.
Display – oil repellant display, arsenic-free glass and mercury-free LCD

The weakness of the 3Gs when it was rolled out was its $200 price for a just a meager 8GB. But, hey! This phone already has a better version. The overhauled iPhone 4 is now available with a new exterior and positive reviews. The 3GS iPhone that was previously sold at $200 is now only $49. So which for you is more suitable the iPhone 3G or the more expensive iPhone 4 with FaceTime?

The All in One iPad Apps List

There are endless lists of iPad apps on-line. No matter what your needs and interest are, you are sure to find a suitable app online.

(Don’t search now! There more important apps that you should know first.) Instead of stressing over the different iPad apps lists on-line, just read on ahead.

In this single article you will find different categories with a list of top 5 iPad apps under each one.

Addicting Games
These games are so fun that it will suck you in a world of imagination and steal your attention from the real world.
1) Angry Birds
2) Plants Vs. Zombies
3) Scrabble
4) Bejeweled 2+ Blitz
5) Real Racing HD

WWDC Awarded iPad Apps Applications with outstanding performance are given awards. Every year the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), awards programmer whose work demonstrated superior design technology of excellent technical performance.

2010 WWDC winners are presented below.
1) Financial Times iPad Edition of the Financial Times Ltd.
2) Flight Control HD from Firemint
3) Pinball HD
4) Star Walk – Interactive Astronomy Guide
5) TabToolkit

Money wasting apps. If there are the winners there are also the…not-the-winners. You would only want to spend on great apps for your iPad. These are the top iPad apps list of software rip-offs.
1) Audiogalaxy Mobile
2) Tunemark Radio
3) ConceptLink
4) I was Here!
5) Ministry of Sound Radio

iPad Apps List Oddities An iPad apps list would not be complete without the interesting cool, silly or weird category! Identifying apps as silly, funny, cool, or stupid would all depend on your taste.Feed your curiosity with these apps:
1) Bubble Snap
2) Playboy iPad App, might come out this 2011.
3) At Bat 2010 for iPad
4) Marvel Comics
5) Air Sharing HD

iPhone Accessories Guide

Once you have obtained your iPhone, it is recommended that you buy essential iPhone accessories for it. With so many iPhone accessories available today, it can be quite challenging to choose among them. Here are some recommended iPhone accessories that you may need:

Screen protector – the 4-way privacy screen protector is one of the most ideal iPod accessories for protecting your screen from scratches as well as from people who are violating your privacy.

Headphones – for music lovers, you may want to get yourself a DJ-like headphones. Urbanz Headphones would be great because they have excellent sound quality, are lightweight with soft ear pads and headband. It also has inline wire remote for easy access to put up the volume while you groove with your music. If you are looking for a more functional headphone, you can try out the Aliph JawBone II Bluetooth headset. The design is not very bulky and you can choose from three colors: silver, red, and black. It utilizes a noise reducing technology, plus it has a long battery life: 8 hours standby time and 4 hours talk time.

iPhone Dock – The must-have accessory for every iPhone user is a good dock. Intempo iPhone dock functions as a speaker for your music but it also stops playing when you get a phone call or a text message. It is also ideal for watching videos or when videocalling someone with FaceTime. For docks that are small and easy to bring anywhere the iPhone Cradle dock will do the trick. It functions as a charger, speaker, and USB outlet for only $15.

iPhone Case – a good case should be able to protect the iPhone from scratches and finger marks without becoming an obstruction on the phone’s functions. Make certain that the buttons are still comfortable to press and that your signal doesn’t weaken. There is an array of accessories from colorful skins, to the iPhone 4 Barely There case to keep the original look, and also quite functional cases such as the extended battery case. Cases are especially useful for people who frequently travel as well as those who have an active lifestyle. The fall back is that it’s additional weight to your phone. You can easily find a good case that is suitable for your needs.

Ideas on Must Have Ipad Apps

First released by Apple last 2010, iPad has become as a much anticipated tablet computer . It has the capability to download emails, watch movies, read books and newspapers with internet access via WiFi . Because the touchscreen nature of iPad with a touchscreen keyboard, it has become a very useful tool for the person who is highly mobile .

The comfort that your iPad should have the access to must have iPad Apps running into it. To bring you into the modern approach to news reading and social media collection, flipboard is one of the must have iPad Apps . Rather than navigation by headline, Flipboard tries to present each category, subcategory and item as an image .

iBooks is an Apple eBook store and also a must have iPad Apps stocking thousands of titles available for purchase and download . The books that are downloaded can be read with the feature of eBook reader on the iPad. It frees you from bringing a lot of paperbacks to read on while traveling .

From the iTunes store, you’ll be able to watch and download TV shows with a must have iPad Apps Netflix. It may seem as of the most expensive ways to watch TV but downloading Netflix application is free . The iPad’s large screen provides you with a portable TV while fees are applicable to download unlimited shows and movies.

To make your iPad’s screen reached its viewing potential, ABC player can be downloaded as free from the must have iPad apps. It gives off a number of popular ABC shows directly to your iPad . Zinio is a program if you have certain inclination over magazines to read and archive issues from the top magazines digitally . Games give an interactive experience copied from the board games to must have iPad apps. Whether in computer or Facebook, it has its advantages over fast board animations and multi-player modes. Games provide for a good start for those who are looking for must have iPad apps .

iPod Shuffle Dock: The Constant of Every Generation

The iPod Shuffle has changed its design and appearance every time Apple produces another generation of which. When it was initially introduced, the iPod Shuffle looked like a flash drive with a string, but now additional features and design have been added. Though the iPod has become sleeker and more portable, it still needs one accessory to make it running every time you need it. The iPod Shuffle dock is that such item, introduced during the 2nd generation.

The iPod Shuffle dock is introduced to make the iPod Shuffle smaller yet more powerful compared to its original design. However, if you want to load songs and recharge the batteries, you need an iPod Shuffle dock.

The iPod Shuffle dock is already included in your iPod Shuffle package when you buy it. The iPod Shuffle dock is the go between your iPod Shuffle and your computer’s USB port. When it is connected to your computer, you will witness the most useful feature of the iPod Shuffle dock since it would sync the iPod Shuffle to the iTunes software. When the iTunes software syncs with your iPod, it means downloaded music is now being transferred to it, and you can enjoy the tunes in just a moment. Just follow the guide below and you can use your iPod Shuffle dock properly and you can start syncing the music to your iPod Shuffle.

To insert the iPod Shuffle dock to your computer, look for a compatible USB 2.0 port. If you suspect that the iPod Shuffle dock and the port are incompatible, do not plug it first without consulting the computer’s manual.

After plugging the iPod Shuffle dock to the USB port, the next step is to put your iPod shuffle in the iPod Shuffle dock. Give some time for the computer to recognize the iPod Shuffle by letting the set-up assistant install the necessary drivers. There would be a guide provided for you to follow so that you can sync your iPod Shuffle to the iTunes library. There would be different music files or folders for you to select your tunes from, just click those and point to the “Sync” button and wait for the music to be transferred. Wait for instructions as to when you can unplug your iPod Shuffle from the iPod Shuffle dock. Once the syncing process is over, that is the time you can disconnect your iPod Shuffle dock from the port. Don’t remove your iPod Shuffle from the iPod Shuffle dock while the files are still transferring or the status light is blinking orange. The iPod Shuffle dock, it is like American Express, never leave your iPod home without it.