Never Forget Anything With A Portable MP3 Player Recorder

Have you ever tried to remember something only to forget it a few minutes later? Maybe you parked in a parking garage and you forgot what section you parked in, or maybe you went to the grocery store and forgot what you were supposed to buy, or maybe you even forgot your spouse’s birthday or your anniversary! If you had a portable MP3 player recorder, you could have simply recorded these things and then you could have played it back for instant memory retrieval. The best MP3 players today offer recording capabilities so if you want a portable MP3 player recorder, you only have to splurge for one of the more expensive MP3 players. You’ll be happy to know that even the best portable MP3 player recorders don’t cost all that much money so you could have one of these players no matter what you budget looks like.
That’s Not All
Portable MP3 player recorders don’t just record your voice. They also play music. Some even play movies and offer more bells and whistles such as games, alarms and much more. That means you could be listening to your favorite song when you park your car in your local mall’s parking garage. You simply get out of your car, record your section into your portable MP3 player recorder, and then you can go right back to listening to your favorite song again. With all of this offered in one tiny little device, no one should be without one. You know you’ve been in a situation where you needed to remember something and then you forgot it. It seems that the more you want to remember something, the quicker it evaporates from your memory. That makes a portable MP3 player recorder an invaluable tool for anyone.
You Must Play It Back
You must keep in mind that a portable MP3 player recorder won’t remember things for you if you don’t play your voice back. You cannot record your parking section, your shopping list, or your birthday or anniversary dates into the device and then just ignore them. That won’t do you any good. A good habit to keep would be to play back each item that you’ve recorded into your portable MP3 player recorder each night before you go to bed. Write those things down and keep them in a place you know you’ll check often, such as on a note posted to the refrigerator door. If used properly, however, a portable MP3 player recorder will give you that photographic memory you’ve always wanted.