Portable CD Players VS MP3 Players: What’s the Difference?

If you’re behind the times technology wise, you may be wondering what the difference is between a portable CD and an MP3 player. For those who are technologically savvy, however, the difference is huge. While it’s true that portable CD and MP3 players both play music, portable MP3 players do so much more. In fact, many people would rather have a cheap portable MP3 player than the most advanced, most expensive portable CD player. When you compare portable CD players and MP3 players against each other, you’ll realize that portable CD players have gone the way of the dinosaur and have pretty much become obsolete.
The Main Difference
The main difference between portable CD and MP3 players is that you can choose which songs go on your MP3 player and you can switch between songs as well as playlists with the simple push of a button. With a portable CD player, you must switch CDs, CDs can get scratched which can make songs skip and portable CD players are also typically much larger than MP3 players. With MP3 players, there’s no need to carry around CDs, you can switch songs and playlists quickly and most MP3 players will fit in your pocket. So there you have it. Spend a few minutes listening to a portable CD player and then a few listening to a portable MP3 player and you’ll soon see the major differences between portable CD and MP3 players. It’s likely you’ll choose a portable MP3 player over any portable CD player if given the choice.
Compact Discs
Some people still listen to CDs. CDs are still used in most cars, stereo systems and they’re also used by computers. However, CDs will soon go the way of the 8 track and they will become obsolete. CDs can get scratched, they’re hard to keep track of and there’s no reason to keep them when you can take all of your music and keep it on a portable MP3 player. So if you still have a portable CD player, you might want to toss it and get yourself a portable MP3 player. For just playing with an MP3 player for a few minutes will reveal the major differences between portable CD and MP3 players and you’ll likely choose an MP3 player over a CD player any day. Now you’ll just have to decide what to do with all of those obsolete CDs. They do make fancy drink coasters.