Cheap Portable MP3 Players: Are They Worth The Money?

Portable DVD, CD and MP3 players have always been at the top of the technology wish lists. Whenever a new portable player comes out, people line up in droves to acquire one. The newest technology in portable players happens to be MP3 and video players with most MP3 players being able to play both music and video. When deciding on an MP3 player, however, it may be tempting to just get a cheap portable MP3 player. After all, cheap portable MP3 players do the same things as the more expensive ones, don’t they? The answer may surprise you.
Expensive MP3 Players
If you do your research and you compare cheap portable MP3 players to the more expensive ones, you will see that there really is no difference. The main difference between the cheaper portable MP3 players and the more expensive ones tend to be advertising and marketing. The more expensive MP3 players are advertised more and the hype seems to be bigger. The cheap portable MP3 players often do the same things; they just don’t have as big of a marketing budget. With cheap portable MP3 players, it seems that the lack of advertising and marketing money allows those savings to be passed onto you, the consumer. However, you’ll still want to do your research when it comes to cheap portable MP3 players to make sure you’re getting a quality player.
What Do You Want It To Do?
If you’re just looking for an MP3 player that plays music, allows you to create playlists and you don’t care about all the other bells and whistles that come with the more expensive players, you’ll be very happy with a cheap portable MP3 player. Some cheap portable MP3 players also play videos and offer games and such, just like the more expensive ones, so do your research and make sure your cheap portable MP3 player does what you want it to do.
Do Your Research
You can do research on cheap portable MP3 players by going online and viewing the specifications of each one. You can also check for consumer reviews, expert reviews and you can also ask the clerks at your local store to see what they have to say about each brand. Remember, it all comes down to what you’re looking for. If you want to get on the bandwagon and get what everyone else is getting, which is typically the more expensive players, then get ready to spend a little bit of money. If you don’t care about hype, however, and you just want a basic player that does what you want, go with a cheap portable MP3 player and save your money for the next technological breakthrough.