Picking An MP3 Player For Your Car

If you have a portable MP3 player then you already have realized the convenience that this device can offer. This small device can offer you hours of entertainment and you no longer have to carry around all of your CDs and tapes because it stores all of your music directly onto its built in hard drive.
You can enjoy similar benefits by investing in an MP3 player for your car. These devices come in a variety of sizes and offer numerous capabilities. Depending on the features that you are interested in the prices of an MP3 player for your car will also vary pretty dramatically. Some new cars even come standard with an MP3 player.
Options To Consider When Picking An MP3 Player For Your Car
The first place to start when picking an MP3 player for your car is the faceplate. Depending on the model there will be a variety of different options for how the faceplate is used. This is an important security feature and one that you should make sure to pay special attention to. You want to make sure that the device at a minimum has a detachable faceplate that you can take with you to help deter theft of your car’s MP3 Player.
If your portable MP3 player happens to be an iPod, look for an MP3 player for your car that is iPod ready. This will allow you to plug your iPod directly into your cars MP3 player and you will be able to control it through the device. This is a great way to expand your listening options and a great way to enjoy your music while you are on the go.
Many MP3 players for the car also have a USB port on them that will allow you to plug in an external device such as a thumb drive that you can store music on. Once you plug the device into the MP3 player you can control it with the player and listen to your favorite music.
For convenience you will want to check to see if the MP3 player you are considering for your car comes with a remote. This handy device will make driving considerably easier and safer as you will not be distracted by messing with the radio. On that note, you will also want to make sure that you are comfortable with the layout of the faceplate of your MP3 player.
Some MP3 features that may have special options are considerably bigger than tradition MP3 CD players. Make sure you know how big of a device your car will be able to comfortably accommodate. Some factory radios are custom built into cars these days and you might have trouble finding a suitable MP3 player for your car.