Buying Your First MP3 Player

The way we listen to music has changed forever with the advent of the MP3 player. Not only are these devices much smaller than portable CD players and the older walkmans they also hold more music that either of the two older devices as well. Nowadays you can even have an MP3 player installed in your car.
Once you have decided it is time to trade up so you can take advantage of the latest technology you might find yourself confused at the number of options available to you. You can pick from several different shapes and sizes and most even come in an assortment of colors. But aside from the aesthetics of the device it is important to understand the technical specifications that each one provides.
As an MP3 player can cost a bit of money it is important to take your time and understand the pros and cons of each device before wasting your money on a product that will have little value for you in the long run.
MP3 Player Specifications To Pay Attention To
One of the most important technical specifications that you should watch out for when picking your MP3 player is the size of its hard drive. You may notice a huge variance between different MP3 player devices in the size of their hard drives. This will also likely affect the MP3 players overall price as well. Consider how many songs you want to store on your MP3 player and use that as a baseline to determine the approximate size of the hard drive that you will need to fit your needs. If you want to store your entire musical library on your MP3 player make sure to invest in an MP3 player that has a particularly large hard drive. You may also notice that the size of the device will become slightly larger with a big hard drive but for the most part the increase is hardly noticeable.
Check out the different types of formats that the MP3 player supports. Aside from the basic MP3 format they will likely support a few other music formats. This will be important if you have downloaded music from iTunes or your have music in a different format. Make sure that the device will support the formats that you require.
MP3 players also vary in the types of displays that they offer. Some devices do not even offer a display and likely just play the songs that are stored on the device in a random order. Pay attention to the screens and make sure it is adequate for your needs.