Samsung MP3 Player Review – A Quick Look

In this Samsung MP3 player review I am going to take a look at the YP-K3QB from Samsung. This unit is a highly popular small sized MP3 player. It is meant to be very portable and extremely durable. As is true of most flash MP3 player reviews it will be difficult to compare this unit with the larger hard drive based Zoom and iPod MP3 players. I am going to take this Samsung MP3 player review and see how it stacks up against its direct competition.
An In Depth Look At The YP-K3QB – A Samsung MP3 Player Review
This unit comes with several features that are apparent right off the bat and that is where I will start the Samsung MP3 player review. The first thing you notice is that unlike many of the units in this category the Samsung YP-K3QB comes with a touch screen to navigate through the menus. To go along with this it has a full color OLED display. Once you get inside you have 2gig worth of storage to play with. This should be more than enough to hold around 33 hours of music at 128kbps. This should be more than enough for any application and puts the Samsung MP3 player review at about average as far as storage is concerned.
The player also comes with an FM radio for listening to your favorite radio station. In addition it has over 25 hours of playback time so you can listen to your favorite music without fear of running out of power. It also has a dual UMS USB connection with both 2.0 and 1.1 connectivity so you can plug into just about computer out there. The player will put out about 20m watts at 16 ohms to your earphones, so you have plenty of power to put your music at the volume you want. You can select from up to 3 different colors – black, red and green – giving you options as to what YP-K3QB you can go with.
For an overall Samsung MP3 player review I give this player a mixed rating. On the one hand I found its small size and easy to navigate touch screen to be awesome features, but I did find the feature set to be a bit lacking. While 2 gigs is a considerable amount of music, I did find that I was able to fill it up very quickly and lost a little bit from the selection I would normally like to have to choose from. This unit is great if you are looking for something to take with you when you are on the go, but as a main player I would look elsewhere.