Finding The Right Cheap MP3 Player Review

If you are looking to get as much storage as you can for as little money as possible, then you are looking for a cheap MP3 player review. A cheap MP3 player review will be different from a regular review because you are not going to be concerned with all the really nice high end features but rather only with a couple distinct and obvious ones. If you are not sure what to look for in a cheap MP3 player review read on and I will discuss what you should be interested in.
Cheap MP3 Player Review – What To Look For
The first thing you obviously want to look for in a cheap MP3 player review is the price and secondly is the size. Right now it seems the best price to size price point is in the 4gig MP3 players. Regardless of if you are looking at an RCA MP3 player review or a Transcend MP3 player review the price is going to be the most important part. For the most part I have found that you can probably get a 4gig MP3 player for under $50, so right off the bat I would eliminate any cheap MP3 player review that is above that amount.
Once you have a collection of cheap MP3 player reviews for under $50 that have 4gig at least of storage, you next want to see what the warranty on the items. Let us be honest here, if you are really going for the cheapest MP3 player on the market you are probably looking at a unit that does not have the highest in quality standards and reliability. You can make up for this if you find a company that offers a solid warranty on its products and in addition stands behind those warranties. A cheap MP3 player review is worthless if the player breaks and you can not get it fixed. While it could be the greatest player on the face of the planet this is totally worthless if the player breaks and can not be fixed. I would recommend finding a player that has at least a two year warranty if you can, but a one year can also be sufficient.
After you have narrowed down the list the last thing you need to select the cheap MP3 player review on is features. Features include everything from size, to color, to recording capabilities and menu operation. This is going to come down to 100% personal taste so it is impossible for me to make any kind of recommendation here. Simply go with your gut.