The New iPod Shuffle, New Features, New Design

Apple has been constantly proving themselves as the master of innovation. The new iPod Shuffle is the fourth generation of Shuffles and this time it is a combination of purpose and design. However, you shouldn’t expect more than what your eyes can see, the new iPod shuffle is virtually similar to the previous generation in terms of software.

Are there any significant changes to the new iPod Shuffle? The 4th generation iPod Shuffle is a combination of the 2nd and 3rd generation models. Apple restored the click wheel but retained the updated software of its forerunner. If you have owned the 2nd gen, the main body is almost similar but it feels more solid and durable. The new iPod Shuffle has been shortened in length and width by 3 cm and now weighs a light 10g. It now possesses a sleek design because the body is crafted from a single piece of aluminum complete with a glossy finish.

Wherever your destination is, you are assured of carrying hundreds of song with you with your new iPod Shuffle. It is so portable you can even clip it to your shirt, jacket or wear it anywhere you like. Apple has increased the storage capacity of the new iPod to 2 GB, assuring the user hundreds of downloadable songs.Physical fitness buffs can stick the new iPod model in their gear and they can have continuous music while they exercise.

In addition to that, the new iPod shuffle’s OS and controls are simply brilliant. The control pad is user-friendly since it is larger by 18% than the previous shuffle models. Music can be played randomly or in order, typical of all the iPod Shuffle models. The new voice over button is a welcome addition because it informs you of the title and the singer of a song, and if your battery is low and needs a recharge.

Finally, the new iPod shuffle offers you to mix the perfect songs for your every mood. Another impressive feature is the capability of the new iPod Shuffle to sync multiple play lists from the iTunes software. This feature completes the powerful improvements of the 4th generation iPod shuffle.