Honest iPod Shuffle Review

According to iPod Shuffle reviews, the latest generation of this model is truly a move to make the gadget innovative and user friendly. The latest iPod Shuffle reviews draw a lot of reactions, most of them are satisfied and happy with what Apple did but there is a minority who thinks otherwise.

The iPod Shuffle is the smallest digital audio player, and it can be transformed into the smallest stereo system with the right accessories. Consumers and users of this gadget prefer it because it is portable. Due to its size, it can be transported anywhere. It accompanies the user to his or her commute, workout, or as a musical background while he or she is just resting. In fact, one iPod Shuffle review describes his or her life has a music video dimension due to this gadget. It is advisable to read a lot of iPod Shuffle reviews first before buying one impulsively so one has time to weigh his or her options.

Of all the members of the iPod family, only the iPod Shuffle has limited multimedia functions. The iPod Shuffle can only play music while the higher models are able to take in both audio and visual multimedia functions.

There are iPod Shuffle reviews that always point out these limitations. The fact of the matter is they would even criticize the selling points of the latest iPod Shuffle that is its design and portability. They would have strong reaction regarding the possibilities of the iPod Shuffle beings misplaced, or it is not very wearable and even how the button selection for the headphone cord’s accessibility. They even have issues with the stainless steel clip and finally, they are disappointed that Apple took away the free iPod Shuffle dock.

There are iPod Shuffle reviews that praise the technological advances of the latest generation. It is happy with the new storage space pointing out the difference between the previous iPod Shuffle models. Longer living batteries are now installed as compared to the models of yesteryears. In fact, with the inception of the Voice Over and the access of third party headphones to iPod, it is already a must-buy item for them.

The iPod Shuffle reviews are just aid in helping a buyer consider his options.