Simple Tips For Getting More From Your Iphone

TIP! If you get a larger keyboard, browsing the web with your iPhone will be a little easier. However, you do not have to purchase a larger keyboard.

Learning to integrate the various social media accounts you have with your iphone isn’t as complicated as it might seem. But it still poses a challenge to many. Never fear; this article will help you use your iphone in the best way possible.

TIP! Another benefit of the iPhone is the ability to navigate. You can use the map feature as your GPS to find locations or amenities along your route.

If you own an iphone, getting lost is a thing of the past. The map application that is included in your phone’s software will allow you to see your location anywhere that you have service. This can help you find your way if you are lost or take a wrong turn.

TIP! Are you tired of the many notifications that come in on your iPhone? You can shut them off. First, choose Settings.

You can create shortcuts and a dictionary on your iphone. The diction of the iphone can accurately predict your typing. You can program your phone with your own short cut phrases. Typos will also be automatically corrected.

TIP! While most people know how to surf the Internet or check email on the iPhone, many are unsure of the proper way to save specific images from websites or messages. Simply tap the image that you wish to save and hold your finger there for two or three seconds.

Are you aware that you can snap a photo from the headphone cord? For starters, get the frame of the photo that you want to take. When you are ready, hit the cord button. This will take the photograph. Use your regular picture saving steps to add the picture to your camera roll.

TIP! There is no need to press X every time AutoCorrect attempts to correct a word. Simply tap on the screen anywhere.

You may be wanting to add an accented or umlauted letters but are not sure how. Simply do the following. Press the button of the letter you want to use and hold it down. This will bring up a box that gives you different letter options to insert. Here, you can choose unique letters to spice up your text.

TIP! You can snap a photo using your headphone cord. The first thing you’ll want to do is line up the shot you want.

Link your email with your iphone for greater convenience. If you have this set up, you can get a notification every time you get a new email and you can check it whenever you like from your phone. You can tag one or various email accounts to your iphone.

TIP! Take advantage of the different scrolling options of some websites using one or two fingers. If the site uses frames, you can use one finger to navigate from one box to the next.

Are you wondering about what you have put in iMessage? Is the Auto Correct feature not working the way you want? You can quickly undo these problems by shaking your iphone. This feature will undo everything you have recently typed. This optional feature needs to be enabled, so look at your Settings to ensure it is available.

TIP! Do you know the frustration of missing out on a great shot just because the camera app came up too slowly? Try this quick and easy shortcut. Tap your home button two times in quick succession to pull up the camera icon.

Everyone uses their iphone to take pictures. It can be difficult, however, to learn how to easily sort through the many different pictures you’ve taken. Use your iPhone’s Album feature to organize your pictures into easy-to-manage groups. This can make it a lot easier to location specific photos.

TIP! To get the most out of your iPhone, remember to program the device to give you a visual indicator when receiving incoming messages and calls. You can even set the phone to flash the camera’s flash to alert you silently when a call is incoming.

If you happen to accidentally drop the iphone in water, you should not try turning it on right away. Take the time to dry the phone off as much as you possibly can, even leaving it overnight to dry. If you turn on the phone while it’s wet, you can permanently destroy it by short circuiting it.

TIP! It’s pretty easy to take a screencap on your iPhone. Once you find the screen you want to save, hold the “home” button down while simultaneously clicking the “sleep” button.

It is possible to take a photograph on your device without the use of both hands. All you have to do is aim and press the volume increase button. You will find that the quality of your pictures are just as high as if they were taken the traditional way.

TIP! If an iPhone freezes up, you can easily perform a rest to get everything back in working order. Hold that button down while you simultaneously press the “home key”.

If you are an iphone user, you can take advantage of the Facebook application on your phone. Many people know this, but some people are unaware that they can use Facebook on their phone.

TIP! You may find it useful to turn on audio feedback for text entry on your iPhone. All you need to to is turn on the “Keyboard Clicks” option in your phone’s sound settings.

Set up word shortcuts on your iphone to type more efficiently. Go to Settings, then select General, Keyboard, and lastly Add New. You can input abbreviations or acronyms as desired. As you use these shortcuts, the correct words or phrases will be typed.

TIP! For a time-saving tip for email and texting, make AutoText shortcuts for words and phrases you type often on the iPhone. The AutoText shortcuts feature allows you to quickly type email addresses and other cumbersome phrases.

If you are irritated by Siri’s mechanized voice, there are other options available. Locate the Siri app in the General Settings menu. Then you can set the language to English, German or French. She can even be given a British or Australian accent. The British Siri happens to be a male!

TIP! Tapping “cancel” allows you to save a draft of a message that you intend to finish later. You will then be given the option to Save your work.

As soon as all your social media accounts are linked to your iphone, you will feel a bit more at ease. You will be able to have instant access to all of your favorite people, without having to call or text them. The iphone is truly a great device.