Simple Guide On How To Use Your Iphone

TIP! Use rice to dry out a wet iPhone. Life happens and more than likely your phone will fall into some water at one point or another.

You already knew that your iphone isn’t a regular, mediocre phone. You bought your iphone to reach those standards impregnated by popular culture, high-speed internets,gossip around the halls, which is exactly what it is going to do. But do you really know all the tips and tricks to using your iphone? Below are some great starters for your fun-filled journey into the amazing iphone scene.

TIP! Get a larger keyboard to make the most of your phone’s Internet capabilities. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to purchase one.

Save your battery by reducing the brightness of your screen. The brightness level can be lowered from the iPhone’s settings area. This will definitely help you save your battery usage, which is important during those times when you need a fully charged phone.

TIP! You can take pictures with your headphone cord as well. Hold the phone steady and press the button on the cord.

You can find any place with your iphone. Utilize the map element like a GPS when trying to obtain directions to a particular location, or if you want to find different things like gas stations or grocery stores on the way. For quick access, bookmark the map function.

TIP! Siri allows you to establish reminder notifications based on your location. Instead of saying “Siri, remind me to call work at five.

Most iphone users spend a good deal of time browsing Mail or Safari, but they might not know how easy it is to save images from them. Simply touch the selected image you want to save, and then hold your finger there for a couple of seconds. The box that pops up will have options for manipulating the image.

TIP! The iPhone allows you to grow the dictionary and shortcuts. Whenever you use diction, your phone will know what you’re attempting to say.

Did you know that you can use your headphone cord to take a photo? Simply line up your subject within the frame. When you are ready, hit the cord button. This takes the picture. If you want to save it, just do what you would normally do to save a photo.

Here is a trick to enhance your messaging. You can dismiss dictionary word suggestions by tapping the screen. You need not close it using the small “x”.

TIP! When surfing the web, scroll with both one and two fingers. If the webpage has more than one box, using one finger allows you to scroll just one box.

In order to get access to your email messages quickly, hook your accounts up to your iphone. This fabulous feature allows you to receive instant notification of your messages. You can tag just about any account to your iphone.

TIP! When you’d like to write an email or type up a note, and aren’t interested in using the words your iPhone is suggesting, you don’t need to press X to get rid of the suggestion box. Simply tap anywhere to get rid of this box.

Do you have doubts about the latest message that you wrote on your iphone? Auto Correct sometimes corrects words you do not wish to be corrected. When this happens, simply shake your iphone. This is akin to the undo button on a computer. This feature is optional. You have to verify in Settings to ensure that it is enabled.

TIP! AutoText shortcuts can be made for your commonly used phrases to save messaging time. This can be handy when typing common phrases like “where are you” or entering long email addresses.

With its standard settings, an iphone is going to display message previews whenever a notification arrives, even if you have the screen locked. For some this is great, but others do not like it. This feature can be disabled easily to reduce your stress. Go into your settings menu, choose notifications and then messages. Then turn off the Show Preview option.

TIP! The advantage of the Safari browser on your iPhone is that you don’t have to add .com at the end of a URL when you are surfing the Web.

Your iphone gives you many great features, but you just have to know how to take advantage of them. The tips in the article have hopefully helped you see some of the great ways that you can use an iphone to your advantage! Utilize the information and you will be well on your way to gaining the fulfillment an iphone can offer.