How To Use Your Iphone To Its Full Potential

TIP! You may want to opt for a larger keyboard to make surfing the Internet easier. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to purchase one.

The iphone is no ordinary phone. You wanted the best, which is why you purchased your iphone. But are you aware of the secrets your new iphone possesses? The below article provides some excellent suggestions to help you get the most out of your iphone.

TIP! If you’re searching the web with your iPhone, you don’t have to type out the “.com” of the web address.

Getting a larger keyboard will make it easier to browse the web with your iphone. And it doesn’t have to be an external keyboard. Instead, you can simply turn your iphone clockwise 90 degrees, then lightly tap the URL bar in Safari. You will now have a keyboard that is bigger and much easier-to-use.

TIP! When using Safari, make calls with a single tap. Let’s say you want to find a dry cleaner.

When in Safari, you can easily make phone calls with just one tap. Say you are surfing for a nearby dry cleaner. When you locate the phone number of the cleaners, you don’t need to switch over to the phone component of your iphone. All you have to do to place a call is to tap the number displayed in the browser window.

TIP! Any website can be turned into an iPhone app listed on your home screen. Simply go to the website.

You can increase your messaging speed using this method. If the suggestion provided for a word by your iphone isn’t what you want to use, you can get rid of it by tapping any part of the phone’s screen. You don’t need to hit the “x” provided by the word.

TIP! It is pretty easy to retain images from Mail and Safari. It is simply a matter of pressing down on the desired picture for a moment.

Taking full advantage of the iPhone’s multimedia abilities will let you get more from your device. You can enjoy videos from virtually any source on your iphone. This media mobility means you can watch movies or shows wherever you are.

TIP! To get rid of the AutoCorrect suggestion box, don’t keep hitting the “X” button every time it doesn’t recognize a word. To eliminate this alteration, tap anywhere else on the screen.

You don’t need to tap the X to eliminate the suggestion box that appears when typing if it is annoying you. Simply tap anywhere to get rid of this box.

TIP! It is possible to take a picture from your headphone cord. The first thing you’ll want to do is line up the shot you want.

It’s pretty easy to take a screencap on your iphone. Whenever you’re on a screen you want to snap, hold down the Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously. The screen goes white, and that’s how you know you have a screenshot.

TIP! It can be frustrating to lose a great shot because your camera app is too slow to load. Consider this simple shortcut.

The Safari on the iphone has a lot of features, similar to that of a computer’s Internet. In Safari, just touch and hold on a photo you’d like to save. A menu will pop up, giving you the option to save the image to the Camera Roll. There is also the option of using the picture in a message you will send.

TIP! Always update your firmware for your iPhone when you can. This increases both your iPhone’s functionality and the battery life.

An iphone has everything anyone could ever want in a smartphone, but it is important that you know how to utilize it to your advantage! These paragraphs will allow you to grow and learn more information at a constant pace; without taking any huge risks or getting too technical for the new crowd. Enjoy every aspect of your iphone!