How to Compute Real iPhone Prices

Finding iPhone prices in the world wide web is a very simple task, however, these numbers can be very deceptive. This is because majority of iPhones today comes with network carrier contracts, meaning these prices do not really show the real costs of these phones. For instance, in the Apple website, the 8GB iPhone 3GS costs $49 while the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 has price tag of $199 and $299, respectively. However, you also are required to purchase an AT&T rate plan which amplifies the cost of the iPhone. Additionally, you also have the option of buying an unlocked iPhone unit and install a prepaid SIM in it, but it is not recommended for that kind of phone. If you want to know more about iPhone prices, then here is a guide on how to compute their real costs.

The first thing that you will have to do in order to compute the real iPhone prices is to know the details of iPhone contracts. These can be gotten from brochures that they give out in their establishment branches or simply from their websites. These details include the monthly data allowance, the monthly texts, the monthly minutes, the monthly costs, and the contract length.

To compute for the total cost of iPhone prices, multiply the length of contract by the monthly cost. Then, add the answer to the cost of the iPhone unit. The sum is the total cost of iPhone prices because it includes all the money that you have to shell out during the lock-in contract period.

If you plan on using the phone for heavy calling, it is advisable that you also calculate the rate of iPhone prices per minutes. To compute for it, multiply the monthly minutes by the contract length. Then, divide the total cost of the iPhone by the product of the contract length and monthly minutes. The answer is the real rate of the iPhone prices per minutes. The formula is also the same for the rate of iPhone prices per texts and also for the rate of iPhone prices per MB of data download.