The best iPad apps that are Free

Ipad the long awaited tablet by Apple. There are more iPhone and iPod touch apps that can be used in iPad then vise versa. These apps are particularly designed to work best on a wider screen.

The 300,000 iPads sold was an overnight sensation, along with 3,000 iPad apps suddenly available a week after. The numerous supply of apps is the reason for the continues demand for iPads.

A little un-known fact though for iPad lovers, is that the average cost of apps is more expensive then those of the iPod touch and about four times as much as iPhone apps! Users would have to spend about four to one hundred dollars to have the software they need. The top 10 rated iPad apps are all for sale. The top 10 gross earning iPad apps are:
1) Pages
2) Numbers
3) Keynote
4) LogMeIn Ignition
5) SCRABBLE for iPad
6) Documents To Go® Premium – Office Suite
7) Angry Birds HD
8) Real Racing HD
9) Plants vs. Zombies HD
10) Proloquo2Go

There are great iPad apps that you can download for free. Below is some of the best iPad apps you can get without spending a single cent! Did you ever have those days that you needed to get a file, but just didn’t want to deal with the hassle of opening your desktop? All you have to do is save your files in a account. This free app will allow you to access them on your iPad no matter where you are.

Dragon Dictation: The best iPad app ever! The Dragon Dictionary works by capturing your spoken words and converting them to a text file. This is an ideal app for you if you want to express your thoughts freely without the hassle of tapping at the same time.

Yahoo! Entertainment: Be up to date on latest movie premiers and show reviews with Yahoo!’s program guide. Try beating that for a TV guide.

White and Yellow Pages: Let’s be more caring to trees and get rid of those ugly thick books piling in your home, because now you can download the White and Yellow Pages all for free.

AP News: Is you instant solution of getting the new fast and free. With this app you can view the news with just a tap of your finger on your iPad.

SugarSync: This app is important to all “multitaskers”.

These are the best iPad apps that that you can download free of charge! Don’t miss out and download them now.