The All in One iPad Apps List

There are endless lists of iPad apps on-line. No matter what your needs and interest are, you are sure to find a suitable app online.

(Don’t search now! There more important apps that you should know first.) Instead of stressing over the different iPad apps lists on-line, just read on ahead.

In this single article you will find different categories with a list of top 5 iPad apps under each one.

Addicting Games
These games are so fun that it will suck you in a world of imagination and steal your attention from the real world.
1) Angry Birds
2) Plants Vs. Zombies
3) Scrabble
4) Bejeweled 2+ Blitz
5) Real Racing HD

WWDC Awarded iPad Apps Applications with outstanding performance are given awards. Every year the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), awards programmer whose work demonstrated superior design technology of excellent technical performance.

2010 WWDC winners are presented below.
1) Financial Times iPad Edition of the Financial Times Ltd.
2) Flight Control HD from Firemint
3) Pinball HD
4) Star Walk – Interactive Astronomy Guide
5) TabToolkit

Money wasting apps. If there are the winners there are also the…not-the-winners. You would only want to spend on great apps for your iPad. These are the top iPad apps list of software rip-offs.
1) Audiogalaxy Mobile
2) Tunemark Radio
3) ConceptLink
4) I was Here!
5) Ministry of Sound Radio

iPad Apps List Oddities An iPad apps list would not be complete without the interesting cool, silly or weird category! Identifying apps as silly, funny, cool, or stupid would all depend on your taste.Feed your curiosity with these apps:
1) Bubble Snap
2) Playboy iPad App, might come out this 2011.
3) At Bat 2010 for iPad
4) Marvel Comics
5) Air Sharing HD