Honest iPad apps review

Usually, most iPad apps review does not give its complete and honest feedback. Particularly those that are trying to promote apps for better sales. Whatever reasons there may be, the best iPad apps review could only come from you. These iPad apps review will give you a complete idea of supposedly highly rated apps. Check them out and see if you agree.

Apple iBooks
This may be a turn off for the book lovers out there, but you may agree with this review. iBooks is a wonderful app, perfect for the wide screen iPad. You’ll enjoy it’s great features like the live time flipping of pages, copy and paste sentences with a single swipe of your finger, or tapping a word to check its meaning. A thoughtful application Apple included is the choice to change the font size of the text or the brightness of the screen for your perfect reading preferences. The painful screen glare is simply the reason why most people would prefer paper backs.

So why does this iPad apps review considers it overrated?

As great as the iBook is the iBook store needs improvement. The first few pages of the books are your only means to judge the books in the Apple store library. This isn’t much help in judging a good read because these few pages are just the copyright info and the table on contents. If Apple placed excerpts from paragraphs found within its pages, it would allow readers to have an idea the quality of the book.

Digit Calculator
Digit Calculator is as simple as its name, but is a one dollar priced app.

Do you think its practical?

This is a bit odd because even the cheapest phones and computers come with a calculator, and with all the free iPad apps, you would expect this to be part of the list.

In contrary to the belief that a PDF reader would be useful, it’s not, because only files found its web search engine can be viewed. This means loading and viewing your own specific PDF file is impossible. Quite a useless application. Atleast it’s for free.

This classic game is worthy for an iPad. The nice thing about iPac-Man if its un-altered appearance.

Very nice indeed, expect for the five dollar price tag. Although it is a classic game, the price is just to steep for its quality.

ESPN ScoreCenter XL
Part of the iPad apps review, is this highly rated app. ESPN ScoreCenter XL is the place to find any updated sports information you may need. Unfortunately, with too much information on the iPad can look a quite stressful. With too much info and a price of five dollars you might as well just wait for the sport to end.