Free and Cool iPad Apps

You don’t have to spend anything for cool iPad Apps Critics mock that the iPad is simply a bigger version of an iPod touch, and the actually right. That is exactly what makes the iPad so great! The best characteristic is its glossy 9.7 inch LED-blacklit screen. Do you really think the iPad would be better with the full iPhone features? Imagine taking a call without headphones or finding an iPad arm band for you to jog with. Not so savvy. The iPad is better off simple. Developers took advantage of the extra screen space of the iPad and created new apps designed just for it.

You can maximize your downloaded iPhone and iPod touch apps into your iPad with its optimization control. Unfortunately, the quality of the zoomed-in image becomes a little pixilated. It doesn’t meet the visual standard the iPad was made for. Not to worry, with all the assortment of apps available there is bound to be free cool iPad apps as well. Here are some awesome apps specifically designed to fit the iPad.

Using the Netflix account on you iPad is truly helpful. It’s the best way to view moves and TV shows on your iPad. It has a similar format to the iTune video, where you can scrub through movies or search through show list.

Apple’s iBook
All lists of cool iPad apps should have the iBook. The look on an iBook was made as similar as possible to a real paper back. A wonderful touch is the flipping pages and the brightness control to prevent the eye-sore glares.

Developers created impressive apps that look perfect on the iPad’s wide screen.

The Twitter design on iPad has both bigger fonts and larger individual tweets. The horizontal view reveals all the features while the vertical view just needs a tap on the menu bar button.

A very useful app for heavy Twitter users. TweetDeck gives you organize single screen view of your Twitter streams which you can arrange by simply dragging and tapping the columns. Another great feature of TweetDeck app is its capability to sync with other computers that contain the same app.

Technology, Education, Design – or simply TED, are various talks from the world’s most interesting people: music legends, historians, business billionaires, tech geniuses, respected educators and environmentalist. Listen and broaden your knowledge with the likes of Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Dan Dennett Bono, Bill Clinton, Peter Gabriel and more, in the free TED iPad.

With Epicurious, you wouldn’t have to settle with take out or horrible home cooking again. It is the best mobile electronic cookbook ever made. It has all the recipes in the world with easy to follow directions and attractive images Take this for example, there a section “I Can Barely Cook” that has a list of great tasting yet you-can’t-go-wrong recipes.

These are surely cool iPad apps worthy of trying out and sharing with others Enjoy these cool iPad apps!