Apple’s Strict Control on its App Store

Apple continues to take further measure to control its app store. Apple required all their developers to sell only e-books, like those found in the iPad apps store, that undergoes Apple’s system.

For example when a user wants to buy something from Kindle of it would open a browser window. This allows developers to argue that the purchase was not made under Apple’s system. Apple rules out that purchased apps should not be diverted to a separate browser window.

This will definitely increase the sales in the iPad apps store since the new ruling is only applicable to e-book purchases.

According to reviews, most customers prefer apps like Kindle or Sony eReader on their iPad because of the variety and kinds of e-books available. You may have noticed that Kindle app prevents purchases on e-books.

The reason for this, is simply because Apple wants to maintain it 30% cut it gets from all purchases made through its App Store, including both app purchases and services bought while inside the app.

Sony’s digital reading division in not in terms with the new provision because it contradicts their ideal goal for the market. Their goal was to make content more available to more devices and not just a single device with one allotted store.
Without the access of Amazon and Sony Reader, Apple would be confident that that iPad users would settle for in-apps from their iPad apps store.

Don’t worry on if you have already purchased non Apple e-book, they can still be read on your iPad.

Business wise, the exclusivity of their apps is a very good move. Apple understands its strong status in the market and is making the right decisions to stay on top. Too bad, its not the greatest news for the Apple customers. You better go through the iPad apps store before the everything becomes too exclusive.