Finding The Right Flash MP3 Player Review

If you are in the market for a new MP3 player and are trying to find a quality flash MP3 player review there are some things your should look for. This is true regardless of if you are looking for an expensive or cheap MP3 player review. In each case the flash MP3 player review is going to need to have specific things in it so that you can feel comfortable knowing that the system you are getting has everything you need and will work as described.
First Steps Before Reading A Flash MP3 Player Review
The first thing you need to do is come up with a budget. But even before you do that and as a part of it, you need to decide what size MP3 player you want to get. The size is going to end up being the most important aspect of finding the right flash MP3 player review. Usually now you will find flash MP3 players that range in size from about 1 gig all the way up to 32 gig. This gives you quite a broad range to choose from. If you are unfamiliar with these size terminologies and how many songs or how much music each will hold, I can take a bit of time to explain the numbers. This will be very important in your flash MP3 player review because you are going to want to compare players that are around the same size.
One gigabyte of storage will hold between 10 to 15 hours with of songs. This number is the basic unit and you can multiply any size above that number to calculate how much storage you have available. For example, a 4 gigabyte MP3 player will hold between 40 and 60 hours worth of songs, depending on the recording quality. The higher quality recordings will take up more space on the MP3 player then the lower quality ones. Now that you understand the storage numbers you can select the size you want then begin your hunt for flash MP3 player reviews.
When I look online at flash MP3 player reviews I try to find reviews from people who are as non biased as possible and have a lot of experience with the players. In addition I will avoid any manufacturer reviews or reviews from resellers with the product being reviewed placed prominently on their website. These companies have vested interest in your business and should probably be avoided. After that I simply try to find as many reviews as I possibly can and then sit down and run through my comparisons. That is about it for tracking down the right flash MP3 player reviews, once you have them the key is to read them thoroughly.