Finding The Right CD MP3 Player Review

Whatever type of CD and MP3 player you are looking for there is a CD MP3 player review out there for you. Many CD MP3 player reviews that while on the surface may seem to be very helpful, in fact are anything but. You have to be on your guard to make sure that the CD MP3 player review you are reading comes from a reputable source as there are many companies out there that try to present themselves as being un-biased but in fact are anything but. They push everything from players to MP3 accessories. If you take the time to carefully dig, you can find the truth of your CD MP3 player review.
How To Spot A Fake CD MP3 Player Review
The first and most obvious sign that a CD MP3 player review might be from a biased source is if the review is all positive. No matter how nice a player is, there is always going to be some kind of fault with it. Whether it is an obvious one or something more subtle, there are always features or a group of features that people will not find appealing. It is up to the reviewer to discover and find these things and let you, the consumer, know what they are so you can be aware.
On the flip side of that, there is always something positive you can say about a product. So if you see a CD MP3 player review that has nothing but negative things to say, than you can probably be pretty sure that the voice behind the review is not being completely up front. Even it is something as simple as it comes in some nice colors; a review with nothing positive is probably not reliable.
The next thing you want to do is check the reviewer’s credentials. See if they have done reviews on products from other manufactures and why they are considered to be an expert. Some kid who thinks his iPod Shuffle is the greatest player in the world and something everyone should have is probably not a review you want to rely on. A quality CD MP3 player reviewer will have a number of different published reviews that you can easily find and read.
Well that is about it, a quality reviewer with a dynamic range of things to say will nine times out of ten point you in the direction of a quality review. Whether you agree with the review or not is completely up to you.

My RCA MP3 Player Review

I recently purchased an RCA Pearl and I like it so much I decided to do an RCA MP3 player review on it. This is not a CD MP3 player review as the Pearl is built to only play MP3s, and not CDs. This is not to say that this is going to be an all positive RCA MP3 player review, as there are some parts of this RCA MP3 player review that are definitely negative. If you are looking for some kind of fan boy RCA MP3 player review, then try somewhere else.
My Unbiased RCA MP3 Player Review
This little MP3 player offers some outstanding sound quality. In addition to that it is extremely small and can go just about anywhere. If you get a good set of headphones this can definitely be an outstanding traveling MP3 player. While not as small as an iPod shuffle, there are a lot more features on it and you can use it to playback the songs you want to hear and not be forced to bend to the whims of the shuffle. It also includes audio book support for your book MP3’s. The connection on it is a built in USB which is nice when you need to charge it up and do not feel like bringing a cord with you. You can also plug it into a buddy’s computer to share files and music quickly and easily with very little hassle. With about 2gig worth of storage there is plenty of room for a collection of songs and data files. Because of the portability, the size, and how easy it is to connect up the Pearl is a great choice for someone who is looking for an accessory that can keep up with them wherever they go.
The downside is that the interface on it can be a bit difficult to use. It is not nearly as user friendly as some of the larger touch screen or LCD MP3 players out there. Because of the cramped space on the view screen it can be very difficult to see what is going on and navigate from song to song. The good thing is though once you get used to it it becomes much easier to use. The learning curve is not too steep, but do not expect and MP3 player with a rich feature set. The other problem is that it is kind of thick and when you put it into the USB port on most systems it will take up two slots. Not a huge deal, but it can be a little bit of a pain if you are strapped for space. Lastly the headphone jack is in a very awkward position and can be tough to connect in. In addition it will stick out funny in your pocket and may be a bit of a pain.
Well there you have it, and uncompromising and complete RCA MP3 player review.

Finding The Right Cheap MP3 Player Review

If you are looking to get as much storage as you can for as little money as possible, then you are looking for a cheap MP3 player review. A cheap MP3 player review will be different from a regular review because you are not going to be concerned with all the really nice high end features but rather only with a couple distinct and obvious ones. If you are not sure what to look for in a cheap MP3 player review read on and I will discuss what you should be interested in.
Cheap MP3 Player Review – What To Look For
The first thing you obviously want to look for in a cheap MP3 player review is the price and secondly is the size. Right now it seems the best price to size price point is in the 4gig MP3 players. Regardless of if you are looking at an RCA MP3 player review or a Transcend MP3 player review the price is going to be the most important part. For the most part I have found that you can probably get a 4gig MP3 player for under $50, so right off the bat I would eliminate any cheap MP3 player review that is above that amount.
Once you have a collection of cheap MP3 player reviews for under $50 that have 4gig at least of storage, you next want to see what the warranty on the items. Let us be honest here, if you are really going for the cheapest MP3 player on the market you are probably looking at a unit that does not have the highest in quality standards and reliability. You can make up for this if you find a company that offers a solid warranty on its products and in addition stands behind those warranties. A cheap MP3 player review is worthless if the player breaks and you can not get it fixed. While it could be the greatest player on the face of the planet this is totally worthless if the player breaks and can not be fixed. I would recommend finding a player that has at least a two year warranty if you can, but a one year can also be sufficient.
After you have narrowed down the list the last thing you need to select the cheap MP3 player review on is features. Features include everything from size, to color, to recording capabilities and menu operation. This is going to come down to 100% personal taste so it is impossible for me to make any kind of recommendation here. Simply go with your gut.

Finding The Right Flash MP3 Player Review

If you are in the market for a new MP3 player and are trying to find a quality flash MP3 player review there are some things your should look for. This is true regardless of if you are looking for an expensive or cheap MP3 player review. In each case the flash MP3 player review is going to need to have specific things in it so that you can feel comfortable knowing that the system you are getting has everything you need and will work as described.
First Steps Before Reading A Flash MP3 Player Review
The first thing you need to do is come up with a budget. But even before you do that and as a part of it, you need to decide what size MP3 player you want to get. The size is going to end up being the most important aspect of finding the right flash MP3 player review. Usually now you will find flash MP3 players that range in size from about 1 gig all the way up to 32 gig. This gives you quite a broad range to choose from. If you are unfamiliar with these size terminologies and how many songs or how much music each will hold, I can take a bit of time to explain the numbers. This will be very important in your flash MP3 player review because you are going to want to compare players that are around the same size.
One gigabyte of storage will hold between 10 to 15 hours with of songs. This number is the basic unit and you can multiply any size above that number to calculate how much storage you have available. For example, a 4 gigabyte MP3 player will hold between 40 and 60 hours worth of songs, depending on the recording quality. The higher quality recordings will take up more space on the MP3 player then the lower quality ones. Now that you understand the storage numbers you can select the size you want then begin your hunt for flash MP3 player reviews.
When I look online at flash MP3 player reviews I try to find reviews from people who are as non biased as possible and have a lot of experience with the players. In addition I will avoid any manufacturer reviews or reviews from resellers with the product being reviewed placed prominently on their website. These companies have vested interest in your business and should probably be avoided. After that I simply try to find as many reviews as I possibly can and then sit down and run through my comparisons. That is about it for tracking down the right flash MP3 player reviews, once you have them the key is to read them thoroughly.

Samsung MP3 Player Review – A Quick Look

In this Samsung MP3 player review I am going to take a look at the YP-K3QB from Samsung. This unit is a highly popular small sized MP3 player. It is meant to be very portable and extremely durable. As is true of most flash MP3 player reviews it will be difficult to compare this unit with the larger hard drive based Zoom and iPod MP3 players. I am going to take this Samsung MP3 player review and see how it stacks up against its direct competition.
An In Depth Look At The YP-K3QB – A Samsung MP3 Player Review
This unit comes with several features that are apparent right off the bat and that is where I will start the Samsung MP3 player review. The first thing you notice is that unlike many of the units in this category the Samsung YP-K3QB comes with a touch screen to navigate through the menus. To go along with this it has a full color OLED display. Once you get inside you have 2gig worth of storage to play with. This should be more than enough to hold around 33 hours of music at 128kbps. This should be more than enough for any application and puts the Samsung MP3 player review at about average as far as storage is concerned.
The player also comes with an FM radio for listening to your favorite radio station. In addition it has over 25 hours of playback time so you can listen to your favorite music without fear of running out of power. It also has a dual UMS USB connection with both 2.0 and 1.1 connectivity so you can plug into just about computer out there. The player will put out about 20m watts at 16 ohms to your earphones, so you have plenty of power to put your music at the volume you want. You can select from up to 3 different colors – black, red and green – giving you options as to what YP-K3QB you can go with.
For an overall Samsung MP3 player review I give this player a mixed rating. On the one hand I found its small size and easy to navigate touch screen to be awesome features, but I did find the feature set to be a bit lacking. While 2 gigs is a considerable amount of music, I did find that I was able to fill it up very quickly and lost a little bit from the selection I would normally like to have to choose from. This unit is great if you are looking for something to take with you when you are on the go, but as a main player I would look elsewhere.

My MP3 Player Review – The T.Sonic 820

I recently decided to purchase and MP3 player and went with the Transcend T.Sonic 820. This little MP3 player had all the features I need and was fairly inexpensive. My MP3 player review may be a bit biased as this is the only MP3 player I have ever owned. A friend of mine recommended I look at a Samsung MP3 player review, but after reading it I still wanted to go with the T.Sonic.
T.Sonic MP3 Player Review – Features
There are two varieties of the T.Sonic 820, the 2 gigabyte and 4 gigabyte. I decided to purchase the 4 gigabyte because it was only a few dollars more and had twice the storage. I find that 4 gigs of storage is plenty for my needs, but I most definitely can not hold my entire MP3 collection on the player. It can hold about 40 hours worth of material which is more than enough for most normal circumstances. At work I am allowed to listen to music through headphones and I find having over 40 hours worth of music to be a good amount for my week’s worth of work. This was a must have and is a key point for this MP3 player review.
When I initially went to go purchase the unit player I was unable to find any MP3 player reviews on the product. I consequently had to purchase it pretty much blind so I was very worried. The most important part of any MP# player review in my mind is the features of the unit, and let me tell you for a small, 4gig, under $50 player this one had a ton. On top of being able to play MP3’s it also had a screen that you could display pictures and movies on. It was rather small so you can not display anything with too great a resolution, but not bad for small snapshots.
This MP3 player allowed you to store data files on it in addition to MP3’s and it has a file structure that is pretty much the same as any hard drive or flash drive. Transcend has been known for making high quality flash drives and components for many years and it is notable in this MP3 player review that the company has had a long standing tradition of high quality products.
The T.Sonic can also record through a line in or over just the simple on board microphone. I use the line in to actually record scratch guitar tracks and have found it to be indispensable when writing. You may not use this feature, but to me it was what sold me on this MP3 player.